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It's a quiet hour at Milliways; the colliding galaxies outside the observation window swirl slowly as a soft, sad song plays through the bar from nowhere. A waitrat is sweeping under the tables, and although a few patrons are sitting in a corner carrying a quiet conversation, there's only one person at the bar: an anxious-looking elf wearing bright red and gold armor. There's a sheathed sword strapped to her belt, and a shield propped up against the bottom of her stool. 

"A bottle of Lagrave Stout, please," she says tentatively. The bottle appears in front of her, and she startles back. Then she takes it, sips, and looks impressed.

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This door was supposed to lead to the hall closet with the cleaning supplies, but Bella doesn't see any good way to mop up spilled soup from the kitchen floor. "Extraplanar studies students," she mutters, stomping into the bar in her nice useful boots. If she takes notes on this place she can probably get extra credit somewhere for it. She goes up to the bar, and notes the lack of bartender, and notes the presence of a new drink in that... person's... hand over there. "Where'd the bartender go?" she asks said person. "Is there one?"
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"I wasn't expecting the place," says Bella. "It's just the sort of thing that one might imagine will happen occasionally around wizarding students, interplanar transit. At least it's not on fire in here." She glances out the window. "Indoors, at any rate." She peers back at the bar, at the drink, and then touches her fingers to her temple, and receives a cherry milkshake with a straw. She sips it.
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"I - what? I'm not a wizard. I'm a subtle artist. But far, yeah, I should say so, I'm not even sure what race you are."
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"I haven't heard of that kind of elf," says Bella, giving her another look. "I guess you do look sort of elvish. Technically subtle artistry isn't magic at all; certainly it isn't elemental or divine - or arcane, if you were about to ask."
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"Well, magic detection spells don't register it. I don't know all the thaumobabble about the details, but subtle artistry is classified as its own thing."
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"Yeah, you must be from another plane altogether," Bella concludes.
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"The bar is a she," says Bella absently, touching her temple again. After a moment she drops her hand. "Apparently it's even more distance than planes. I don't have another word handy for it, but the difference between where I came from and where you came from is another step up, like going from my school into Enwich versus going from my school to some energy plane."
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"Enwich is a city. I'm Bella. You?"
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"Yeah, sure..."

Bella thinks at the bar for a bit.

And then she says, "The bar doesn't control the door or have a direct line of communication to whatever does. She doesn't know if or when it'll let you out again."
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"Cherry milkshake. Fruit and milk and cream and sugar, pretty much."
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This continuity of this Bella has never met a No Questions Elf!

"We have a variety of powers with the mind - I'm learning to use mine for therapy. Some of us can set things on fire - I can't do that - and some of us have telekinesis - I can do that a little bit. My school teaches all kinds of subjects; arcana and subtle arts probably make up less than a quarter of the class offerings. My country is a large well-developed mostly-human Imperium and it's unwise to express a significant fraction of possible opinions about it."
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"Fireballs maybe, but I haven't met anybody who can, it'd require really advanced pyrokinesis... heating it up, probably. I don't know if it's unsafe to express opinions here, but I managed to get here, so so could anyone who cared what I had to say, potentially. Mortals are the principal product in the Imperium, so insofar as it cares who's saying what about politics, it has to care about the mortal set."
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"Oh, plenty of people study the subtle arts, too, just different ones for the most part - and you can only study things like that so much. Anyway, I don't know I'm being listened to, I just don't have a good reason to chance it."
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"Trying to hold the universe still and interrogate it about its underthings never goes very well for the would-be interrogators. Best case scenario, their results don't hold. That sort of thing only works in fantasy."
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"You can usually do that at home," says Bella slowly. "If you don't get cocky. I can expect my boots to go on working, and my subtle arts to do the same general range of things on the same subjects, and people who sell magical products are confident enough in them to make guarantees and pay off the people who are disappointed. But around some things - gods or dragons or fey mostly - all bets are off, and if you try to analyze the patterns of the world - force them into awkward little corner cases, try them under a few sets of conditions and think you know what there is to know about what makes them juke this way or that - then, well, the universe doesn't like being stared at, it might squish you, or at best it'll quit behaving the way you expect when it gets bored of it."
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"So you live in a science fantasy world," snorts Bella. "That must be nice."
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Bella laughs. "Well, I may have to constantly check my hubristic ambitions and stifle my curiosity so I don't wind up cursed, entrapped, dead, or otherwise inconvenienced, but yeah, at least we have cherry milkshakes."
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"I have parents and friends and three years of school to go, yeah, not that keen to be trapped in another plane where I might be eaten regardless of the friendliness of the fabric of reality... I don't know much about the place besides the fact that it doesn't smite people for experimenting on it, so I don't know what I'd do, exactly. Find out where I could apply leverage. Improve - things. Whatever things were around that I could reach."
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"I'm not a warrior," snorts Bella. "Machines, maybe. As for taking one of your weapons home with me to test - yeah, not something I'd want to try."